Today we are going to speak about the Dogtra iQ Bark Collar with Vibration & Stimulation.   This unit has new and unique technology in its contact points – these probes needed to deliver static correction to your dog that fits snuggly against your dogs neck.  These probes are made of plastic that is conductive; which is an all time first and much more comfortable for your dog.  The collar/receiver & probes are ergonomic and shape to your dogs neck comfortably!  The collar/receiver is reduced in size and made to fit a variety of different size dogs.   The iQ Bark Collar is an alternative for dogs that tend to allergic reactions with steel probes or who’s skin is sensitive.   The collar/receiver includes a vibration mode that is activated prior to the delivery of static stimulation.   The batteries are user replaceable lithium batteries.  The unit is completely waterproof and the collar strap is detachable.


Features of the Dogtra iQ Bark Collar:

  • Two(2) Lithium Batteries – replaceable coin type
  • Power unit – Low to Medium
  • Conductive plastic contact probes
  • 10 stimulation levels
  • Non-stimulating Pager and Test modes
  • Bark recognition sensor
  • Completely waterproof
  • Detachable collar strap
  • Less pressure on your dog’s neck


Watch here for a video:  iQ No Bark Collar YouTube Video


The Dogtra iQ collar is a basic trainer system that offers plenty of features and benefits to pet owners.  It can used in a variety of different training scenarios, from basic obedience training to bark control and other undesirable behaviors.  The Dogtra IQ is easy to use, comfortable for small dogs to wear and is highly effective for training.  This unit provides precise stimulation levels ranging from 0 to 100 and also features low to medium power for the smaller dog.   The collar is small, compact and convenient for smaller dogs, without an external antenna. The transmitter is compact, ergonomically designed, and easy to use.  The batteries are owner replaceable and rechargeable.

There are many good reasons to choose the Dogtra iQ system for your small dog.  It provides versatility for all of your training needs.  It offers both constant and “nick” stimulation and also a non-stimulating vibration pager mode.  The battery system is able to be charged in 2 hours.  The lightweight but durable collar weighs just 3.9 ounces, which makes it comfortable for your small dog.

We should also point out some of the cons to the Dogtra iQ, as well.  The system uses electronic stimulation corrections.  Some pet owners do not like to utilize electronic stimulation, even though it is perfectly safe to use on dogs that weigh more than 10 pounds.   Some owners have also expressed that the 400-yard range might not be sufficient for all of their training needs.  The unit is designed for smaller dogs, so it will not be powerful enough for larger dog breeds.

Even though this collar is small in size, it’s big on functionality and effectiveness.  If you’re looking for a training collar system for a small dog, the Dogtra iQ training is a quality model. It offers many of the features of higher-priced collars, in a version and size that’s perfect for training the small dog.

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